Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Taking Stock on 2008; Looking towards 2009

What a year it has been! While I'm sure there are many folks out there who will gladly wave goodbye to this watershed year, whether due to a mortgage foreclosure, loss of employment, poor health, or - who knows - maybe for the simple fact that, for the next four years anyway, the White House will be looking decidedly less white, I feel fortunate to be in a good spot in my life. Healthy, employed full-time, drinking and eating well, possessing of solid support from family and friends. Things are good, and I hope that they are for you as well. If not, here's to some positive change in the year ahead.

Looking back on last year, it started with Pe-Pa's passing- certainly expected but still an unhappy way to begin 2008. Things improved. Natalie and I began dating. We began what will hopefully become an annual tradition, checking out the San Francisco Film Noir Festival. Spring brought financial crisis to the nation, but in the largely prosperous, slightly insular Bay Area things seemd to chug along virtually unchanged. Later on in May and extending a week into June, I went to Spain on what amounted to my first wine trip in this country. In the summer and leading into Fall, the presidential campaign dominated the news, youtube views and our collective psyche. As we know, the good guys won. Also in the Fall season, I lessened my carbon footprint, while earning some extra cash (not a bad thing to have at any time, especially in these times) by selling my car. Recently I used some of the proceeds to buy a new bike and a basic Pro Tools recording setup. Speaking of recording, I headed east to spend a weekend recording music with some good Carribean friends, and while not recording I headed up to New York, spent time with the fam in Bmore, and even squeezed in a quick lunch with one of my favorite bloggers.

So there you have it, a brief, personal re-cap of 2008. For something way less personal and much more witty, check out the Mad Skillz version.

I suspect that 2009 will be a challenging year for many of us. Cliché that it may be, challenges do convey with them opportunities. I sincerely hope that on the national, state, local and individual level, we keep this in mind and learn (re-learn?) many things of value this year.

Here's to a happy, healthy, resourceful, dynamic New Year.


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