Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cab Franc for the cave

The original plan was to cellar some German Riesling this month, which I still may do. But today I realized that there is just way too much incredible, inexpensive, Cab Franc in the store to ignore. So 3 bottles of each of the following:

2002 Olga Raffault Chinon 'Les Picasses' (beginning to get silky and taste similar to good old school claret, great intensity to the fruit, shows really nicely a day after opening).
2004 Joel Taluau St Nicolas de Bourgueil Vielles Vignes (Youthful but so powerful, with all the structure for 10+ years in the cellar.)
2004 Chateau Tour Grise '253' Saumur Rouge (Very crisp, bright, punchy cab franc, with raspberry fruit and a really fresh profile. Not quite convinced that it's mid-long term material, but 3 years improvement no problem)

It will be at least 3 years before I re-visit each of these, though I may wait longer on the Taluau and Tour Grise, possibly 5 years. Any thoughts on this, Loire cab franc drinkers?


david said...

My thoughts are: aging wine is for losers. I'm opening my Taluau now just to spite you!!

Joe M. said...

I see. And why do you not open a nice, spicy, fruity reeesling? Some teutonophile you are, hmmmm!

Brooklynguy said...

the 02 raffault is awesome, i think. and cellaring some for the long haul is a great idea. have you tried the re-released 1990 or 1989 yet? that's what you have to look forward to.

never tried the tour grise but i like the producer in general. i got turned off to st nic d B a while ago ater one too many bad bottles. i stick with chinon and saumur-champ, but i know that i need to open my mind again.

Joe M. said...

I have not yet tried Olga 89 or 90. If there's some in the market here will have to get some. Tour grise 253 (saumur rouge) is definitely worth a try. As is the right SNB, and Taluau is supposedly top 2 or 3.

David McDuff said...

Taluau's 1996 SNdB VV hit our market not long ago -- a library release from Joel's caves. It's showing beautifully.

Taluau always seems to get a mention among the top producers in Bourgeuil but many tasters seem to dismiss the wines as foursquare. Not I. I've found his recent releases to be very fine, including the 2005 Bourgeuil "Cuvee du Domaine" which I enjoyed with beef stew just last night. It doesn't have the breed of the VV in a good year but it's well done and a pleasure to drink.

Anonymous said...

just bought the 96 Taluau Vieilles Vignes so thanks for the info as i really want to drink now!
have you tried Domaine de la Chevalerie Bourgueil?
I had several bottles of the 89 that were stunning.